An efficient network of moderns taxis to go to Montpellier and in the Languedoc Roussillon region. Operational since 1st October 2013, it aims to become major player mobility in urban areas as well as the territories of Languedoc Roussillon. It offers to all users (Individuals, Hotels, Restaurant and Corporate Services) a new mobile booking solution (by Smartphone)for fast, efficient and reliable transport. The official target of Taxis South LTS is to be solidly positioned as a leading partner in the field of passenger transport solutions by actively developing the use of the new app mobile solution for public. Through its exclusive partnership with this engineering solution, our network’s strategy is to:

  • revolutionize stereotypical taxi’s transportation in order to turn it into a pleasant, adaptable and reliable new mode of transport, responding perfectly to all travel needs.
  • accompany each day customers, institutions, professionals and individuals with many other services.

By listening carefully to the corporation, the new technologies and the needs of users, your regional network Taxis South LTS is growing steadily and provides user-friendly and effective service quality  in all territories of the Languedoc Roussillon. Through the deployment of promising new and innovative technologies associated with the professionalism and solidarity of its members the Taxis South network provides to everybody an efficient and friendly taxi services. Our desire is to broaden our knowledge and make you travel more easily, with a smile ! Welcome to the south of France and good road with us !